CDE Visiting Fellow: John Dickens

John Dickens, Higher Education Consultant

John worked for 10 years for the University of London International Programmes as Director of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Support and as Director of Learning and Development.   He was previously an academic Head of Department and an Associate Dean for Quality Assurance and Academic Affairs.  He has worked for the Open University and was a research adviser to David Blunkett MP in the House of Commons.

During his time at the University of London, John initiated and led a number of strategic developments including the Bologna-compatible credit framework, the review of the University’s relationships with institutions and the creation of the Institutions Policy Framework, and the learning and teaching and assessment strategic plan.

Recently, John helped Cranfield University in developing their three-year teaching and learning strategic plan.  Additionally, he conducted a Senate Review of one of their Schools and provided advice on assessment policy and regulations. 

John is a Board member of the European Association of Distance Education (EADTU) and is currently mentoring a newly-elected International Fellow of the CDE.  

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