Centre for Distance Education

cropped-cde-colour-horizontal-small-for-website.pngPromoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing in distance education, the Centre for Distance Education (CDE) is a University of London International Programmes initiative to support the development of expertise in this field at College level. The CDE supports a community of practice and provides a focus for the development of high quality teaching and research in distance education throughout the federal University. The objectives of the centre are:

• to promote excellence in teaching that is focused on distance learning
• to promote research into distance education within the University of London
• to enhance distance learning and its status in higher education;
• to foster new innovations, both pedagogic and technological, within distance education, and evaluate their reception by students of the University
• to facilitate dissemination of best practice within the community of London Colleges.

The overall purpose of the Centre is to enhance the student experience and improve student achievement.

Centre structure


Centre activities include:

• coordinating an advocacy and development network in the Colleges, Institutes and the Central University
• coordinating and supporting the activities of Distance Education Fellows in the Colleges
• managing the distribution and monitoring of Teaching and Research Awards for the University of London International Academy Lead Colleges Committee
• providing training, knowledge management,development funding and consultancy services
• organising development fora including symposia, seminars and conferences
• managing the work of a panel of experts and specialists, to provide recognised expertise of the highest standards.

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee has oversight of these activities, and reports to the London International Academy Lead Colleges Committee, which funds the core activities of the Centre.

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