Investigating the feasibility of tutor accreditation as a means of enhancing student support in distance learning

Dr Beverley Brown, Laws Consortium, University of London International Programmes

Research team:

Dr David Baume, Principal Consultant
Rosie Gosling, External Study, London School of Economics
Mary Luckham, Laws Programme, University of London International Programmes
Catherine MacMillan, Laws Department, Queen Mary UoL

TRA1 B Brown (Final Report) [pdf, 154kb]

TRA1 B Brown (Additional Report) [pdf, 111kb]



The project aimed to explore the potential of teacher accreditation as a means of improving support in the first instance for the External Laws Programme but also more widely as a potential model for the External system (now International Programmes) more widely. 

Within that framework, the project has been extremely successful.  All tasks were fulfilled, within budget:

  • The initial exploration of the accreditation framework was undertaken very effectively via discussion in meetings and email circulation and discussion of relevant documents on required and desired criteria.
  • Re UK interviews, although only six people were interviewed, they were highly appropriate in multiple dimensions: it is doubtful that a wider sample would have produced significantly different responses
  • Re overseas interviews: it was very fortunate (and highly cost effective) to be able to include three locations (Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore) and this was only possible because the consultant was able to combine this trip with research on a different project.
  • Comprehensive and highly useful reports have been submitted at key stages.
  • Formally, the project exceeded its December 2006 deadline as the final meeting was held 23/02/06, but the substantive work was completed in early January and the meeting date reflected the competing commitments of team members.
  • Dissemination of results: these obligations have been met in relation to the Project team.
  • CDE dissemination: emails with Brian Sayer have established that David Baume will give a seminar on this project EITHER as part of a day conference on portfolios/ QLD issues re the External Laws programme (preferred option by DB) or as part of the general CDE seminar programme

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