e-Learning and teaching activity templates

Dr Anita Pincas, Lifelong Education and International Development (LEID), Institute of Education

Research team:

Professor Karen Evans, Institute of Education
Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel, University of Middlesex


TRA2 A Pincas (Final Report) [pdf, 450kb]


TRA1 A Pincas (Final Report) [pdf, 106kb]

Additional materials:
TRA1 A Pincas (Additional Material 1) [pdf, 137kb]
TRA1 A Pincas (Additional Material 2) [pdf, 1.7mb]

The project was intended to develop a series of teaching and learning templates for use by academic staff. These contribute to their understanding of educational issues pertaining to education, especially the use of ICT in distance or blended education within the University of London. The templates guide them towards good practice in teaching.

Part one of the project saw the development of an extensive set of resources for use by academic teachers and by trainers of academic teachers. The contents for a potential website for these resources gives an indication of this.

Part two saw the development of a website for both phases of the project, whilst the authors mounted an extensive literature review of learning theories and issues in supporting university learners, and also held consultations with fellow academics.

Full details can be seen in the above project reports and additional materials.

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