London Pedagogy Planner (LPP): User-oriented support tools for learning analysis and design

Professor Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab (LKL), Institute of Education

On behalf of the research team:

Jonathan P. San Diego, LKL (project manager)
Yishay Mor, LKL
Tim Neumann, LKL
Darren Pearce, LKL
Kevin Walker, LKL

TRA2 D Laurillard (Final Report) [pdf, 97kb]

The LPP project website can be found here: [external link].

The aim of the project was to use existing pedagogic design frameworks, and a learning activity management system (LAMS), to develop and test two linked planning tools for course-level and session-level learning design for distance education.

The project has developed a prototype, the London Pedagogy Planner (LPP). It is intended to scaffold the process of learning design for teachers who are experienced in teaching and learning at a distance, and may have some experience of some learning technologies, but who need support for making the optimal use of alternative teaching methods for their learners, especially those based on digital technologies. LPP is based on a developing model of the components involved in learning design (i.e. educational aims, learners’ needs, learning activities, and intended outcomes), and the critical relationships between them. As a decision tool, it makes the pedagogical design explicit as an output from the process, capturing it for testing, redesign, reuse and adaptation by the originator, or by others. Because the tool is available online, it can also link the user to relevant information and resources that may be helpful to them, at each stage of the design process. The tool also exploits interactivity by generating the workload implications of a learning design, based on editable assumptions.

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