Computer mediated tasks and tutor inputs (CITTI)

Dr Hugh Starkey, School of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Education

Research team:

Nicola Savvides

TRA3 H Starkey (Final Report) [pdf, 187kb]

The CITTI Project set out to explore the extent to which student interaction through asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing (ACMC) leads to higher order critical inquiry and the social construction of knowledge. In particular, it sought to explore the role and effects of social presence, the tutor’s teaching and moderating strategies, and task type on interactive knowledge-building amongst students.

In order to conduct this investigation, a mixed methods approach involving both quantitative and qualitative data collection was adopted which included coding and analysis of conference transcripts, semi-structured interviews with tutors and students, and analysis of students’ written end of year evaluations of the courses. A key objective of the study was to develop a framework of analysis that would enable the researchers to identify the extent of socially constructed learning within four discussion-based tasks from two Masters level courses by distance learning (the MA Citizenship and History Education, and the Master of Research).

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