Achieving interactivty in distance learing of phonetic skills

Michael Ashby, Dept of Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London

Research team:

Jill House
Mark Huckvale
John Maidment
Kayoko Yanagisawa

TRA3 M Ashby (Final Report) [pdf, 134kb]

TRA3 M Ashby (New directions in learning teaching and assessment for phonetics) [pdf, 733kb]

TRA3 M Ashby (Achieving interactivity in online learning of phonetic skills) [pdf, 2.4mb]


The objectives of this project were stated as:

  • To define and quantify the need for interactive feedback in phonetic skill acquisition
  • To develop, extend and evaluate the full potential for interactivity in our successful VLE‐based introductory course PHONLINE
  • To survey and evaluate possible systems for adding parallel functionality to existing VLEs (audio and video tools, VoIP, conferencing, etc) for more advanced courses
  • To design and calibrate a standard test for the effectiveness of an interactive system (for example, by auditory discrimination tests conducted remotely)
  • To document the findings from the perspectives of both pedagogy and phonetic theory, for access by other groups within the College, the University, and beyond We can report significant achievements under all of these headings.

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