CDE Seminar: Engaging students with Statistics – the VLE way

Engaging students with Statistics – the VLE way

The CDE welcomed Dr James Abdey, LSE Fellow in Statistics to Senate House to conduct a fascinating seminar on the use of the VLE to provide online tutorials and resources to students. 


Presentation slides:


Statistics is traditionally a challenging subject to teach, especially to students with less developed quantitative skills. However, tomorrow’s graduates will increasingly need a statistical background to exploit the power in data to make sense of the world. Studying independently brings additional challenges when trying to understand course material. This session demonstrated the range of virtual learning resources which have been developed over recent years to support students in their statistical learning.



Dr James Abdey is the LSE Fellow in Statistics having completed his doctorate there specialising in a methodological unification of statistical “schools” in quantifying the true evidential value of data. Dr Abdey has extensive experience developing learning resources for LSE’s distance learning and summer school programmes in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, including lecturing spells in Central Asia and the Far East. Outside of academia, he has also undertaken various quantitative-based projects ranging from the hedge fund industry to the UK parliament.

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