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Following on from a CDE seminar last year, Learning Spaces: bridging the gap between personal and professional discourses, James Ballard from the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) came to Stewart House to introduce a framework for personalised learning and discuss its relevance and application. 

Personalisation has its basis in and appeals to marketing and consumer theories, with consumer technologies increasingly personalised. However if learning is to become personalised one cannot ask what technologies are to be used but perhaps must ask what the optimal instruction for a particular learner is. Personalised learning may provide the context for assessing the capabilities of e-learning systems, supported by new pedagogies and modes of assessment for understanding learner development.

A paper will be published on this subject: Ballard & Butler (in press) ‘Personalised Learning: Developing a Vygotskian Framework for E-learning’ in The International Journal Of Technology, Knowledge And Society

This session will be of interest to anyone interested in the development of e-portfolio, VLEs or e-learning in general.  Below are the slides and audio recording from the seminar.  It is relatively easy to hear when James changes the slide and synchronise with the audio. 

Personalised learning presentation slides:


Seminar audio stream/download

You can stream or download the audio from the seminar below.  Part 2 begins from slide 11 in the above presentation, and follows a short workshop activity (details of which will be made available here soon).  Part 3 starts from slide 17:

Personalised Learning seminar (part 1 Slides 1-11)

Personalised Learning seminar (part 2 Slides 11-17)

Personalised Learning seminar (part 3 Slides 17-26)

Workshop template

If you’d like to take part in the workshop activity from the session you can download the Ownership Matrix template. We will make the worksheets from the seminar available here, and if you would like to submit copies from your own workshops please email them to


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