OpenSim: an alternative platform for immersive education

CDE seminar: OpenSim: an alternative platform for immersive education

We welcomed Dr Peter Miller (University of Liverpool) to the Centre to conduct one of our series of seminars relating to virtual worlds.  While Second Life® has attracted most attention from the education community, there are numerous other virtual environments for holding classes and developing learning experiences. The open source platform OpenSim has the advantages of retaining many of the affordances of Second Life while at the same time giving teachers and institutions greater potential control over access, content and budget. This talk looked at these and other benefits while also discussing some of the current limitations of OpenSim. It outlined ways in which OpenSim can be deployed and show some of the education-oriented and more generic content already available or under development. Finally, the potential role of the Hypergrid, the system for linking OpenSim regions, was considered in terms of establishing educational communities and disseminating good practice.

Biography: Dr Peter Miller

Lecturer, Institute of Integrative Biology, University  of Liverpool.  Peter lectures in microbiology at the University of Liverpool in the School of Life Sciences. He is also a member of the Institute of Integrative Biology. He has had a longstanding interest in educational technology, starting to teach with a single Apple II+ but rapidly scaling up in 1985 to a network of 22 Windows-based PCs, the first such network at the University. During the 90s he was director of the CTI Centre for Biology, one of a group of such centres that acted as pathfinders for the subsequent Higher Education Academy Subject Centres. Subsequently his interests have included Learning Design and latterly immersive environments and, in particular, Second Life and OpenSim grids.

Peter blogs on the subject at  His Second Life / Open Sim avatar name is Graham Mills.


Presentation slides (to download click view via slideshare link)

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