Teaching and Research Awards 2011

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Following a review of the high quality applications received, details of the latest round of the Teaching and Research Awards (TRAs) for 2011 funded by the CDE can be revealed.  Particular attention has been paid to proposals that have demonstrated transferability across programmes and support the strategic goals of the University of London International Programmes, and projects will  be conducted in key areas of relevance covering a diverse range of areas in distance learning and teaching including exploratory, evaluative and implementation studies.

Projects include: exploring the issue of cultural sensitivity in programme and teacher development; an evaluation of predictors for student success in distance learning; use of an ipsative feedback model to improve assessment practices; the use of open educational resources (OERs) to support tutors in their professional development, validating clinical skills development using e-learning; and how mobile learning can support student peer learning and knowledge sharing.  Below is a full list of the proposals to be funded:

1. Dr Jacqueline Bloomfield and Dr Anne Jones (Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London): Using e-learning to support clinical skills development and enhance the student experience in a cohort of post-graduate nursing students: an evaluation;

2. Dr Stylianos Hatzipanagos (King’s Learning Institute, King’s College London), Patricia McKellar and Dr Steven Warburton (University of London, Undergraduate Laws Programme): Open educational resources in distance education: Adopting a model of open learning in academic practice;

3. Dr Gwyneth Hughes and Liz Wood (Institute of Education): Implementing and evaluating ipsative feedback;

4. Dr Jane Pritchard and Neil Maclean (Teaching and Learning Centre, London School of Economics): Developing a PG Cert Higher Education for International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) Teachers;

5. Sarah Rauchas (Department of Computing, Goldsmiths): Identifying predictors for success for computing students studying in a distance context;

6. Niall Winters (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education), Chris Joynes (London International Development Centre) and Micah Matiangi & Caroline Mbindyo (African Medical and Research Foundation): Peer learning and knowledge sharing for distance learning students using mobile phones.


For more information on any of these projects please contact cde@london.ac.uk.  To see full details of the last five years of the TRA awards visit our research archive.

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