Lead researcher:

Professor Steven Warburton (formally King’s College London, now University of Surrey)

Research team:

Yishay Mor (formally London Knowledge Lab, now Open University)


Final report:

TRA 3 final report (S Warburton) [pdf, 606kb]

Annex 2 bibliospace exemplar [pdf, 1.15mb]


Project summary:

The project focussed on the development, deployment and evaluation of an online bibliographic space designed for use by the distance education community. It has addressed broad issues that surround both enhancing the learning experience and enrichment of the educational environment for ODL students. Acknowledging a socio-cultural perspective on learning and community development (Kreijns and Kirschner 2001; Laurillard 2002; McConnell 2006; Pask 1975; Vygotsky 1978; Wenger 1998) the project explored ways of mitigating the constraints on dialogue, interaction and opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing that exist within open and distance learning courses (ODL). These issues were investigated through the use of a bibliographic social referencing system based on Web 2.0 technologies and a Web 2.0 ethos (O’Reilly 2005). The study has centred on social referencing tools, in particular a freely available platform called Bibsonomy ( The functionality and usability of this tool has been developed in consultation with students and tutors. In the final testing phase of the project we now propose to test the bibliographic space with ULP students studying in Singapore, Kenya and the UK by combining the use of social referencing tool with the delivery of eResources (including eBooks) on an eReader device (Amazon Kindle).

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