Research in Distance Education 2011: outputs

Following a very successful Research in Distance Education 2011 conference on 26 October, we are now pulling together the various outputs from the keynote, presentation and workshop sessions that took place.  

This page will host or link to the podcasts, videos, presentation slides, reports and other resources that the event provided.



‘Technology enabled science learning’ – Professor Eileen Scanlon, Associate Director (Research and Scholarship), Open University 

See the video of the ‘Technology enabled science learning’  keynote at our Youtube EDU site:


‘Learning the unlearnable’ – Professor Richard Noss, Co-Director, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education

See the video of the ‘Learning the unlearnable’ keynote at our Youtube site:

Presentation slides: [external site]


Parallel sessions

Design for learning



Supporting teaching and learning

‘Supporting students: part-time tutors and international partnerships’ – Anne Gaskell, Teaching and Learner Support, Open University 

Presentation slides: [external site]

‘Engaging students with statistics – the VLE way’ – Dr James Abdey, Statistics Fellow, LSE

Presentation slides: [external site]



DOWNLOAD/LISTEN to podcasts of presentations  ‘Ipsative assessment’ (Gwyneth Hughes and Kaori Kitigawa, IOE) and ‘The effects of student feedback on student performance’ (Sarah Rauchas and Matthew Yee-King, Goldsmiths) via our itunesU account:

Related report: Implementing Ipsative Assessment – Gwyneth Hughes, Kaori Okumoto and Elizabeth Wood (TRA report) [pdf, 621kb]


Workshop sessions

Mobile learning

‘The Role of mobile learning in distance education in developing regions’ (Niall Winters, Institute of Education)

Presentation slides:!/2011/10/research-in-distance-education.html [external site]

‘Training healthcare workers using mobile learning techniques’: download the poster


Retention and progression

Presentation slides: [external site]


Open educational resources

Presentation slides: [external site]

Worksheet from session: OER workshop RIDE 2011 (worksheet) [word, 41kb]

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