CDE Experts Roundtable on Academic and Costing Models for Online Programme Development

What kind of learning design model can be successfully deployed to help guide online programme development?

How might the use of a ready-reckoner style costing tool be valuable in decision making processes and discussion between stakeholders?

These were some of the issues under scrutiny at a recent CDE hosted roundtable event held at Stewart House on 20th September 2011. The members of the roundtable comprised CDE Fellows and distance education specialists Roger Mills, Stephen Brown, John Dickens, Stylianos Hatzipaganagos and Steven Warburton (chair) from the University of London International Programmes.

The input from this group of experts present at the roundtable has been drawn together and highlights the need for both strategic and operational decision making processes to be carefully considered to ensure any learning design model can be successfully implemented. The results of this preliminary work in the area of academic and costing models has now been presented at the EADTU conference being held at Anadolu University in November this year. An abstract of the paper can be downloaded here. The CDE plans to make some of this work available in workshop format and further information on this will be made available on the CDE website.


Download an abstract for the associated innovation versus control paper

Details of the EADTU conference can be found here:

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