Changing pedagogies, changing technology and changing organizational systems for ODL

Thursday 24 May 2012

We were very pleased to be able to host this special seminar on the future of open and distance learning (ODL) from Professor Michael G. Moore, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Education at Penn State University and Editor of The American Journal of Distance Education(




As the Web replaces earlier forms of communication and itself mutates, and as teaching and learning also change with the evolution from the information age to the interactive, how might we expect to see change in the institutions set up to deliver distance education in the future? Moving beyond dual mode and single mode forms of organization in recent years a response to economic pressures has been for institutions to link together in limited ways to obtain new economies of scale. Now, 21st century technology makes viable a new organizational form that is potentially more efficient than any of these, based on the concept of the network. The general principle is that national networks will draw on the best resources regardless of where they are located and configure whatever mixture is needed for a particular program or project on a flexible, open, “mix and match” basis. The only permanent agency in such a virtual system would be a small management unit whose responsibility is to commission, on a contractual basis, the mixture of personnel and other resources needed for each particular project. The presentation will elaborate on this concept of a virtual network organization and give some early examples.


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