CDE Seminar: Developing teachers from a distance

Presented by: Ayona Silva-Fletcher (Course Director and Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Education, Royal Veterinary College) and Kim Whittlestone (Independent and e-Learning Specialist, Royal Veterinary College):

Distance learning programmes are increasingly being used to develop teachers and their teaching at a distance. How is this development monitored and assessed? How do we evaluate the teacher development and performance from a distance? Current literature by Heafner et al (2011) compared different modes of teacher observations (face to face and distance) to determine if the modes were equivalent in supporting professional growth. Results show that there was no beneficial mode of observation each method having various advantages and disadvantages. At the RVC we have introduced a PG Certificate by face to face and distance learning. Teaching observations, which are part of the teacher development and assessment, are done using a three-stage process. Video recordings substitute the live observation in the distance mode. In addition ‘patchwork text’ approach is used to evaluate the learner growth through the process. This seminar will explore the process of teaching observations in the two different modes.

Heafner, TL, Petty, TM and Hartshorne R (2011) Evaluating modes of Teacher preparation: A comparison of Face to Face and Remote Observations of Graduate Interns. Journal of digital Learning in Teacher Education, Volume 27, Number 4, pp154 – 164.




Developing Teachers at a Distance: seminar handout

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