Evaluating a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Programme for Global Health Psychiatry

Dr Alexander Findlayson, Dr Susanna Whitwell and Molly Fyfe; King’s Centre for Global Health, King’s College London

TRA2012 Findlayson (final report)

TRA2012 Findlayson (project summary report)


The aim of this research is to better understand how students participate in an online synchronous medical education program and present recommendations to improve design for learning. In 2010 a pilot program facilitated peer-to-peer psychiatry education between medical students from King’s College London and medical students in Somaliland. The program will be offered again in 2013. This is a collaborative education program in which student interactions and dialogue are the primary means of promoting learning. We analyzed extant data from the 2011 pilot program to evaluate learning interactions and outcomes and based on the findings provide design recommendations for international medical education.

The analysis establishes that UK and Somali students experienced socially mediated learning through online dialogic interactions. The primary pattern observed was information exchange in which students described their experiences and environments. Students explored topics in mental health, general health and cultural practices, which are fundamental to global health awareness. Students built rapport with their international peers over the course of this program

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