Sponsored/scholarship students: Does additional support in the form of teaching and in-country institutional support have an impact on their retention, progression and level of achievement?

Dr Christine Thuranira-McKeever and Dr Ayona Silva-Fletcher (Veterinary Clinical Services, Royal Veterinary College)

Project goals:

The main goal of the project is to investigate experience and overall performance of a unique cohort of postgraduate distance learning students at the RVC.

The cohort comprises students who are sponsored and offered additional support via in-country teaching and local institutional support (funded by external sponsors such as Commonwealth Scholarship Commission).

Student performance will be considered in the context of progression, completion rates and time, retention and overall academic achievement.  Student experience will be explored to understand issues related to distance learning; such as, isolation, technological problems, tutor support and peer support.

The project will also try to ascertain whether the support offered in the form of teaching workshops and institutional support is the appropriate support to offer to this group of students, or whether different types of support would be of more benefit to them.

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