Learning Analytics: students’ online participation and academic performance

Dr Jonathan P San Diego and Dr Panagiotis Fotaris (Informatics and Technology Enhanced Learning Hub, King’s College London Dental Institute)

Project goals:

The project’s main aim is to investigate the relationships between students’ academic performance and the different kinds of online learning activities within a virtual learning environment through the use of learning analytics. So, the goal of the project is to understand the extent to which online participation can be associated with students’ academic achievement. Consequently, as learning analytics can provide information about learning materials accessed by students, in some way, we may be able to unpick what types of learning activities (as variables) lead to satisfactory academic performance. Through this, teachers can then be given information on selecting the most effective learning activities for their online courses.

To meet this aim, this project will exploit the outcomes from another project – KEATS Analytics – led by the principal investigator. KEATS Analytics is developing a ‘Feedback-Display Moodle Block’ which records students’ online activities and then uses these data to analyse and present students’ behaviour as a display that can be easily interpreted by teachers and students. Online learning participation from this Feedback Display will be used together with students’ academic performance data.

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