Integrating library literacy through distance learning module design


Institute of EducationDr Clare Brooks, Senior Lecturer in Geography Education, Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
Antony Daws, Media Librarian
Barbara Sakarya, International and Comparative Collections Librarian
Dr Jacek Brant, Head of Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Project reports
Integrating library literacy (TRA Brooks final report) [6.4mb, pdf]
Integrating library literacy (TRA Brooks final report – appendices) [518kb, pdf]


Project summaryMA Education VLE (Institute of Education)

The IOE library team and MA in Education programme team conducted a project to integrate a range of library
guides, resources and searching techniques into the introductory core module of the MA in Education programme. This was in response to perceived weaknesses in distance learning students’ autonomous use of library resources.
The aim of the project was to develop effective strategies to embed library literacy into the module to encourage international students on a distance learning programme to develop effective library use.  The research evaluated the impact of this integration on both the students’ learning, and their confidence in becoming autonomous library users. Results revealed that whilst students were initially reluctant to engage with the library at a distance, being encouraged to do so, via embedded library-based module activities, dramatically increased their use, confidence and range of engagement with library resources. Many students described becoming “converted” and preferring to use the library at a distance. Key elements of the success of this programme appeared to be: requiring students to source and access readings themselves; supporting them with high-quality guides and examples; building resource searching into the weekly module activities.  In addition, evaluations revealed that the students were able to develop a range of personal strategies to organise their learning that fitted with individual learning styles and preferences.

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