In Focus: Games, gamification and games-based learning

In Focus_SGG

The Centre for Distance Education is pleased to announce that tickets for our next free ‘InFocus’ technology symposium on ‘Games, gamification and games-based learning’ can now be reserved. 

The event will be held on Wednesday 4 March 2015 at Senate House, University of London.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together a mix of academic, industry and creative partners to explore and discuss what games, and games playing can bring to education.

Our opening keynote will be delivered by Dr Nicola Whitton, Manchester Metropolitan University on collaborative game-based learning, game design, interaction design and learning theory.

There will be a series of presentations from industry, developer and academic perspectives. The full programme is available here: In Focus 2015 programme

You will also have the opportunity to take part in a a rapid games design competition and during the lunch break relax over a few carefully chosen board games.

The audience for the event will include staff from across the Colleges of the University of London and a wider network of professionals, including programme managers, learning technologists, developers, administrators and senior management staff.

This event follows our highly successful ‘Learner analytics and big data’ session in December 2013 (more information here).  The ‘In Focus’ series of events are designed to critically engage with emerging topics in learning and technology, explored through expert presentation and debate.  The event will feature sessions exploring the current context and possible future directions for these technologies and will come from experts from HE and industry sectors.

Our conference chairs look forward to welcoming you to this event:
Professor Steven Warburton, University of Surrey, UK.
Alex Moseley, University of Leicester, UK.

This is a free event, but spaces are limited.  Please reserve your ticket here.  

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