Workshop report on the future of PostGrad distance education in the international development sector

Challenges DE

In conjunction with SOAS Centre for Development, Environmental and Policy (CeDEP) and University of London Centre for Distance Education (CDE), a workshop was run at SOAS on July 2nd 2015, to explore the future of postgraduate distance education in the international development sector. Foresight methodologies were used to generate drivers of change and narratives for possible future scenarios, and participants were drawn from CeDEP, CDE, University of London Colleges, JISC, Open University International Development Office and consultants with relevant expertise. CeDEP students were also invited to provide input in relation to drivers of change, via the CeDEP Study Directors Forum, and to further discuss and comment on the report. The objective was not to predict the future, but to develop narratives over possible futures for international postgraduate distance education in the year 2030, with a focus on international development, and consider the implications of these potential futures for current strategic planning. What decisions are needed now or in the near future to make positive outcomes more likely and negative ones less likely, with a particular focus on our programmes? Whilst the workshop was hosted at SOAS, and some of the challenges and opportunities for CeDEP were introduced, the aim was not to focus particularly on CeDEP but to use it at times as an example, whilst making the workshop more widely relevant.

Please download the full report here:

SOAS CeDEP CDE Workshop Summary Report (pdf, 544Kb)

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