MOOC Design Challenges

In a recently launched follow-on survey from the successful CDE funded ‘MOOC Design Patterns’ project (, Steven Warburton and Yishay Mor ask what are the top five design challenges that are being faced in developing MOOCs. They comment: “Design patterns are only a good as the problems they are able to solve and we are conducting a quick survey to find … Continue reading

London Pedagogy Planner (LPP): User-oriented support tools for learning analysis and design

Professor Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab (LKL), Institute of Education On behalf of the research team: Jonathan P. San Diego, LKL (project manager) Yishay Mor, LKL Tim Neumann, LKL Darren Pearce, LKL Kevin Walker, LKL TRA2 D Laurillard (Final Report) [pdf, 97kb] The LPP project website can be found here: %5Bexternal link]. SUMMARY: The aim … Continue reading