Implementing Ipsative Assessment

RESEARCHERS: Dr Gwyneth Hughes, Kaori Okumoto, Elizabeth Wood Faculty of Policy and Society, Institute of Education TRA6 G Hughes (Final Report) [pdf, 786kb]   SUMMARY: Distance learners rely on effective assessment and feedback for motivation and for learning. There is evidence from a previous study that an ipsative approach to assessment (assessment based on a comparison … Continue reading

Use of ipsative assessment in distance learning

  RESEARCHERS: Gwyneth Hughes, Kaori Okumoto, Megan Crawford Faculty of Policy and Society, Institute of Education TRA5 G Hughes (final report) [pdf, 297kb]   ABSTRACT: The purpose of this research is to explore the potential of using ipsative assessment (assessment based on previous performance) to motivate learners. A literature review has indicated that existing criteria … Continue reading

2010 CDE Seminars

Details of CDE seminars and workshops held in 2010: Why bids fail: Bidding for EU ICT research projects: This seminar gave an insider’s view on bidding for EU research funds. It focused on EU FP7 IST research instruments (IPs, STREPS etc), what they are, how they are evaluated, why bids fail and what a successful bid … Continue reading

Closing the loop: identifying effective formative assessment practices and feedback processes that empower the learner and enhance the student experience in open and distance learning

Dr Stylianos Hatzipanagos, King’s Institute of Learning and Teaching, Kings College London Research team: Professor Paul Black, Emeritus Professor, Department of Education, KCL Dr Ana Lucena, Institute of Education Professor Bob McCormick, Department of Education, Open University Dr Steven Warburton, School of Law, KCL TRA2 S Hatzipanagos (Final Report) [pdf, 225kb] SUMMARY: The focus of … Continue reading