A study into the use of weblogs as a dialogic tool for supporting community, collaboration and reflection in distance learning environments

Dr Steven Warburton, Laws Consortium, University of London Research team: Fitri Mohamad, Institute of Education TRA 1 S Warburton (Final Report) [pdf, 210kb] TRA1 S Warburton (Annex1) [pdf, 373kb] TRA1 S Warburton (Annex2) [pdf, 144kb] TRA1 S Warburton (Annex3) [pdf, 22kb] SUMMARY: This project report details an investigation into the educational uses of a personal … Continue reading

Computer mediated tasks and tutor inputs (CITTI)

Dr Hugh Starkey, School of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Education Research team: Nicola Savvides TRA3 H Starkey (Final Report) [pdf, 187kb] SUMMARY: The CITTI Project set out to explore the extent to which student interaction through asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing (ACMC) leads to higher order critical inquiry and the social construction of knowledge. In particular, … Continue reading