Wake‐up calls for learning: an inclusive approach to supporting students in distance education

Dr Ursula Wingate, Dept of Education and Professional Studies, King’s College London Research team: Stylianos Hatzipanagos TRA4 U Wingate (Final Report) [pdf, 186kb] SUMMARY: The project’s objectives were 1. To develop and evaluate an innovative and inclusive approach to supporting academic writing of students in distant education 2. To identify a suitable time and mode of delivery … Continue reading

e-Learning and teaching activity templates

Dr Anita Pincas, Lifelong Education and International Development (LEID), Institute of Education Research team: Professor Karen Evans, Institute of Education Anthony ‘Skip’ Basiel, University of Middlesex   PART 2 FINAL REPORT: TRA2 A Pincas (Final Report) [pdf, 450kb] PART 1 FINAL REPORT: TRA1 A Pincas (Final Report) [pdf, 106kb] Additional materials: TRA1 A Pincas (Additional … Continue reading