Designing online tasks for effective discussions

Dr Hugh Starkey, School of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Education Research team: Will Gibson, Institute of Education Cristina Ros i Solé, University College London/School of Oriental and African Studies Joseph Hopkins, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona TRA2 H Starkey (Final Report) [pdf, 94kb]    A literature review relating to the project has been published: … Continue reading

Developing course team approaches to task design

Adam Unwin, Maths, Science and Technology, Institute of Education TRA3 A Unwin (Final Report) [pdf, 178kb] TRA3 A Unwin (Appendix 1) [pdf, 179kb] SUMMARY: The research project is a qualitative investigation of the task design process on three courses where distance e-learning is a key component. The rationale behind the project was to investigate the … Continue reading