Peer observation of teaching in the online environment: an action research approach

Dr Deborah Swinglehurst, University College London Research team: Jill Russell, UCL Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, UCL TRA1 D Swinglehurst (Final Report) [pdf, 198kb] The major achievements were as follows: Enthusiastic engagement of 28 teachers in two parallel online focus groups. Teachers were drawn from 12 different departments throughout London and other parts of the UK and … Continue reading

London Pedagogy Planner (LPP): User-oriented support tools for learning analysis and design

Professor Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab (LKL), Institute of Education On behalf of the research team: Jonathan P. San Diego, LKL (project manager) Yishay Mor, LKL Tim Neumann, LKL Darren Pearce, LKL Kevin Walker, LKL TRA2 D Laurillard (Final Report) [pdf, 97kb] The LPP project website can be found here: %5Bexternal link]. SUMMARY: The aim … Continue reading

Investigating the feasibility of tutor accreditation as a means of enhancing student support in distance learning

Dr Beverley Brown, Laws Consortium, University of London International Programmes Research team: Dr David Baume, Principal Consultant Rosie Gosling, External Study, London School of Economics Mary Luckham, Laws Programme, University of London International Programmes Catherine MacMillan, Laws Department, Queen Mary UoL TRA1 B Brown (Final Report) [pdf, 154kb] TRA1 B Brown (Additional Report) [pdf, 111kb] … Continue reading

Teachers as Media Producers in Virtual Classrooms

  Tim Neumann, London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education TRA1 T Neumann (Final Report) [pdf, 182kb]   SUMMARY: This project explored audiographic web conferencing technology (Virtual Classrooms) for distance education with a focus on teacher roles. “Teacher” was broadly defined as a person initiating and leading an educational episode, and the term was used as … Continue reading